The following facilities are proposed at ShantiNiketan:

Kitchens: There will be a minimum of 2 kitchens where Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian foods can be cooked. No utensils or anything will be shared between the kitchens (in consideration of our Vegetarian residents). Eating in the common Food plan is optional. Residents can cook their own food in their condos if they wish. It is anticipated that a Food Committee will be formed by the residents who will decide the exact menu for every meal and order the same from the selected caterer.

Prayer Room: There will be a Prayer room inside the Club House where bhajans will be held every evening at 7PM. This will be a common Prayer room accomodating all faiths.

Theatre: There will be a mini-theatre/auditorium where SuperHit Bollywood and other Regional language movies will be screened every evening at 9PM after dinner. This auditorium will also be used for Religious discourses by visiting and residents speakers, and also used for cultural events.

Library/Computer Room: This will have periodicals which is subscribed as per the needs of various residents. Common computers will be available for those who do not have their own, to send and receive emails etc. Those unfamiliar with the usage of computer can learn to use it with the help of other residents.

Gym: Although the YMCA is next door with many facilities, the ClubHouse will have a small gym with various equipment and a large hot tub to accomodate about 10 people at a time. Based on preferences, certain times could be blocked for the exclusive use of the ladies only.

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